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129 Sq Ft Micro Apartment in Paris

Check out this video of the super small 129sq ft micro apartment in Paris, France. The rent can be super high here so looking for affordable accommodation is a concern many have. Micro apartments, like this one, are becoming more and more popular. As long as the space is well thought out, you really don’t need as much as you think. Architect Julie Nabucet decided to create a stacking style apartment that had multiple room functions.  She starts off by showing the platform that creates the bedroom and the living room. When she pulls the bed out just a few feet, it serves the purpose of couch and therefor creates a living room. Once its pulled out a little further, a bedroom is revealed. Built upon this platform is a series of draws and storage boxes. Some face in and some face out. Julie has used this to store her things, such as clothing, magazines and pillows. All very functional. Obviously, it goes without saying, when you live in such small spaces, you have to own less things. No part of this apartment is wasted space. The wall is actually a collection of cabinets containing items such as the water tank boiler or vacuum cleaner.

On the other side of the platform is the kitchen. It’s all very functional including fridge, convection microwave oven, cupboards and counter space. The sink is our favorite feature. The left side of this sink is used as a regular normal kitchen sink. Then with the assistance of a room divider, the right side of the sink is used as a bathroom wash basin. Well actually, although the wash basin is part of the bathroom, its actually separated. The bathroom itself contains simply the shower and the toilet. A regular wet room.

“Some people don’t need so much space”. These are the words of Julie, and we couldn’t agree more. The apartment is nice and bright and has everything you need. Having such a small space can really help you get outdoors more. Be more adventurous. Live!

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*photo credit: Sylvie Durand

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