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Beautiful Wood Log Cabin for Under $6k

Have you ever dreamed of living in a log cabin? Well now you can turn your dream into a reality. The best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg – you can achieve this for under $6,000! For those of us that are used to urban living (and could use a little break from it), think of the layout of a bachelor apartment. This log cabin features a cozy, one floor and open-concept design. You’ve got room for a bed, or even bunkbeds as permitted by the ceiling height, and a roomy kitchen where you won’t have to worry about bumping into things. As for seating, you can sit at the island located by the kitchen or choose to put your feet up in the living room area. When it comes to the bathroom there is some privacy as it is separated from the rest of the main living space. Compared to some tiny homes, the windows on this unit are not quite as dramatic, however it is said to still let in lots of natural light.

Hunter Log Cabin Tiny House for Under $6k

When enjoying this log cabin in the summer, there’s lots of room to bring the activities outside – particularly to the deck. These tiny homes feature a spacious deck on the front of the house that is perfect for embracing the beautiful outdoors. If this isn’t enough for you, feel free to change it up by spending some time on the smaller porch out at the back of the house. Just imagine sitting under the shade from the summer’s hot sun with a refreshing drink in hand alongside those close to you. As for the nighttime, picture sitting cozied under a blanket while watching the stars from a pollution-free view.

Whether you decide to live in this tiny home permanently, or use it as a spot for outdoor getaways, the options are endless. You can choose between a 10 feet by 14 feet design which is the one featured as being under $6,000 ($5,885 to be exact) or a 12 feet by 32 feet design priced at $14,813. Of course, the choice is entirely up to you and may depend on your personal situation. It could differ based on who you may be living with, how often you plan on staying here, as well as where you are deciding to locate your log cabin. Regardless, if you have ever wanted to live in or spend time at a log cabin now is your opportunity to claim one for yourself.

Hunter Log Cabin Tiny House for Under $6k

This log cabin tiny home design is one of the best ways to get in touch with nature. There’s nothing more peaceful and relaxing than waking up to the sounds of nature and natural sunlight. Not only is it perfect for setting up camp in forested, rural areas, but the natural elements of the materials used to build the structure are beneficial to you as well. You will notice a fresher essence to the air you breathe when inside this home. You can thank the logs that are used to build the cabin as they help to naturally purify the air that passes through. These log cabins are built to last for many generations to come so you can keep it in the family line once you decide to go ahead and purchase or build one for yourself.

The Hunter Log Cabin is built by Wayside Lawn Structures who have extended their offerings to include tiny homes that fit on lawns. The company also offers outdoor swing sets, gazebos and storage units, as well as other outdoor accents. Based in Columbiana, Ohio, Wayside Lawn Structures have become known as a provider of solutions to people’s outdoor property needs since their beginnings in 2002. The iconic log cabin design is sure to please and is backed by a reputable builder for additional reassurance. If this is a place you could see yourself living then you can inquire for more info here.

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