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Fully Legal 252 sq ft Cabin Style Tiny House on a Foundation

Here we can take a look at a 252sq ft tiny house that Chris Haynes built out on 9 acres of land in Royalston, Massachusetts. And yes, this one is NOT on wheels. It’s built on a regular foundation. This means its fully legal, as it also adheres to the local building codes. Each Town/City/State is different, but here in Royalston, it just needed to comply with some simple rules. Have a minimum livable area of 150 square feet. And have 2 separate forms of egress. Otherwise, mostly standard building code enforcement’s apply.

The outside is finished with a hardy plank siding. Chris tells us that he has even setup somewhat of an experiment and left some of this siding sitting in a wet bucket to test its long term durability. All looks good so far. The house looks very charming for sure.

The overall setup here seems very basic. We would guess it’s more of a vacation home (man cave) than a full time living situation. With a few tweaks and additions, this could very easily become a more permanent home.

As “Deek” takes us for a tour of the inside we see a very simple kitchen combined with a cozy open-concept living room. We see a two-burner alcohol stove, similar to what you would typically find on boats. A full size sink and plenty of counter space. The coolest thing about this kitchen design, is the cabinets. At first look, they seem very slim. But only when opened do you see that Chris has recessed the depth directly into the wall, making them far more useful and much deeper than you think. Very clever!

The room is heated using a powerful eco fan stove. Although it looks really cool, Chris tells us that it’s slightly overkill for a room this small, but never-the-less heats the rooms with no problems.

The bathroom is again built for function. The shower is just big enough to still be comfortable, and really it has all the things you need, and not much else. We do however see another example of the sweet recessed magic in the form of the medicine cabinet.

This design also has a loft. It’s accessed via standard foot ladder and contains a full size bed. We don’t get to see much of the loft space in this video, but we do see a window up there, which is nice.

A few of other notable elements are the 140-watt solar system used to provide energy to the tiny house, and also the entertainment system. This is actually pretty neat. It’s a low energy projector hooked up to an apple TV receiver and a speaker system. The projector beams the image onto the white walls and from what we can see in this video, it looks great. We really love that it uses such a low energy consumption, as the draw on the solar system really is minimal. And finally, we are shown the fully screened in porch. It’s really a great addition to the rest of the house. A bunch of windows too, allowing a huge amount of light in.

The team here at Happy Tiny are big fans of the tiny houses built on foundations, as they are currently a smarter way to achieving a more legal living situation within the micro lifestyle. Our best advice is to check with your local building code office for the specific legal requirements in your area.

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