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Redwood Family Shipping Container Home

Kam Kasravi and Connie Dewitt wanted to build a modern cabin, so they started looking at prefab homes. They then discovered that most prefab/modular homes would not work for them as they were too big to transport to the location they had selected, surrounded by redwoods (Santa Cruz Mountains). This made them research shipping container homes. An 8ft wide shipping container would work perfect. So they visited the Port of Oakland, and found exactly what they needed. And so the shipping container house was born. The exterior of the home was amazingly put together in around only 8 hours!! Very cool.

This house has some really unique feature including a “redneck bay window” which is created by welding one of the shipping container doors shut and partially opening the other and adding glass. Pretty neat idea actually. Also an outdoor shower can be found on what they call  the shower tower. It’s a concrete tower that hold up one of the upstairs containers.
The architect also built a 4 foot wide section that connect each container together making 2 containers 20 feet wide. This extra 4 feet really makes a difference. And the section itself helps filter light and creates a real natural shelter feeling. We’ve never seen this before, and we like it.
The downstairs living area actually doesn’t feel like a shipping container at all. It looks very modern and comfortable. Beautiful framed views that are simply breathtaking combined with a large open living area. Crushed it!
Onto the kitchen. It’s of course 8 feet wide, but really feels much wider due to having glass walls on either side. We really like the addition of the 1 foot wide cabinets. At the end of the kitchen is a small half bathroom, hidden away with a sliding door, containing a vanity and toilet.
Upstairs we go. Check out the wooden sliding doors that give the bedroom some privacy. It really looks great. Along with the one bedroom is another sleeping nook for the kids, containing a set of bunk beds and a coach. And also another shipping container is used to create a bathroom.
The floors throughout are gorgeous. They simply just refinished the original floors and worked with whatever the efforts yielded. Some of the floor look brand new and some other sections of the floors like a little more worn, but actually it totally adds character and looks great.

This truly is a very unique project and with the help of architect David Fenster (MODULUS) and NorCal Construction, Connie and Kam have created something truly special. Something that really works with its surrounding nature. Apparently trees fall all the time so a layer of security is added knowing the home itself is essentially a steel box.

We Love This Shipping Container Family House

*photo credit: NorCal Construction

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