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172 Sq Ft Dream Castle – Tiny House Nation Season 1 Episode 1

In season 1 episode 1 of Tiny House Nation, hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin help tiny house hopefuls Jeff and Chelsea downsize from 1,300 square feet and build their dream home on wheels in Maryville Tennessee. Jeff and Chelsea wanted to go tiny for financial reasons, so Chelsea can work less and spend more time with daughter Lily Grace, while Jeff goes back to school. Because this is a tiny house for three, the family needed a house that had a play space and bedroom for Lily Grace, a private master bedroom, and a full kitchen.

The roofline on this tiny house is fairly unique, with a shed roof in the center that slopes down to the back of the house, and pitched roofs on either side. The tall ceiling in the front of the house created by the shed roof’s highest point allows the crew to build a huge window wall that illuminates the kitchen and dining area with plenty of natural light. This is a great example of how light can transform a small space, even one that’s only 8 feet wide, making it appear much larger.

Another unique feature of this tiny house is the outdoor herb garden, which hangs in baskets from the exterior of the home, making it fully portable when it’s time to move.

Lily Grace’s space is lofted, with a sleeping area underneath and a princess castle themed play loft above. The ladder to the loft easily stows away underneath, making her bed more accessible to her parents at bedtime. Across the kitchen in Jeff and Chelsea’s bedroom, a space that just manages to fit a queen sized bed and two storage closets, a television is mounted to the ceiling and can be swiveled down to view in bed or from the kitchen/dining space.

Because their was no room in the small home for a living room, the family uses the master bedroom as a sitting room, and even an extra seat for dining when they have friends over. There is also no space for a washer and dryer, even the combo unit so popular in tiny houses recently, so Chelsea does laundry daily outside in a manual washing machine.

In this episode, we also get to see an inspirational NYC apartment owned by Graham Hill of LifeEdited. Graham’s apartment is one space that transforms into many different rooms, yet feels “right” in each iteration. It can be converted into a living room, office, guest room with space for two guests, walk-in closet, kitchen, and even a dining room with space to seat 12!

While the crew certainly fit in all of the family’s requirements for their tiny home, there are many families that may find the lack of common areas in this house inconvenient, and not suitable for a climate where winter makes outdoor living impossible for several months out of the year.

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