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VIPP All-Inclusive Prefab Shelter

Take a tour of this beautiful prefab structure from Danish company VIPP. VIPP are a well known name in the world of design and are the creator of the iconic wastebasket back in 1939. This trash bin now sits on display in the MOMA. The mechanical properties of this famous appliance have been used to inspire the design of the prefab shelter.

The shelter itself is 592 square feet in size and just bolts together, making the construction process very easy and taking only 3-5 days and the addition of 9000 screws. This makes a very comfortable home for up-to 4 people, no problem. The completed shelter, once constructed, is said to “float on top of nature”. We agree.
The walls are mostly glass windows. Fifty thousand pounds of glass to be exact, and slide open using much a more manual mechanism (in-keeping with the overall vision). With the windows/sliding doors open, an “outside-inside” feeling is created, making the transition from nature to home rather seamless. VIPP wanted to create a product to access nature and escape your daily life but still keep the comforts we have grown to enjoy. Consider it 5 star camping if you will.
Once you enter this prefab tiny house, you feel as though you have boarded an luxury ship or airplane. The space begins with a hallway with a beautifully tall ceiling made using a skylight. In the hallways is a door that open to reveal a bathroom, complete with bath, vanity and toilet. And then in the same hallway is a ladder that takes you to a rather secret loft containing a bed for sleeping and closer proximity to the skylight, allowing you to enjoy the stars at night and sunrise in the mornings. Very neat and cosy!
Now onto the living room which contains a nice day bed and a fully working wood burning fire stove. A real relaxation zone. This area then leads onto the kitchen/dining room, containing all the items you need. Having glass on both sides of the room and the skylight, really makes you feel like you are always outside with nature. Fantastic Design.

VIPP has created this shelter, and have paid attention to everything, including all the items like the glassware, ceramics, sheets and even a torch. Everything is seamless. All the design matches, and this again helps you focus on nature. The shelter is sold as a complete unit with all interior items included. You provide the land, wait 6 months for the shelter to be built in the production facility, and then VIPP deliver and install the shelter for you and supply the interior goods too. All done! (Price guideline is $585,000 excluding the delivery /installation).
Check out the shelter in more detail at VIPP.

We Love This Danish Prefab Shelter Tiny House

*photo credit: VIPP

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